The King of Fuh

Songs of Stephen Friedland / Brute Force

My Teenage Castle (Is Tumblin' Down) - Little Peggy March (1963)

Randy & The Rainbows
Sharin (Rust5091 1964)
Joyride (Rust5101 1964)

On The Go/Only My Friend - The Buddies (Swing 45-102 1964)

The Chiffons
Tonight I'm Gonna Dream
Nobody Knows What's Going On In My Mind But Me
Heavenly Place 
Thumbs Up

The Del Satins
Hang Around (B.T. Puppy 45-506 1965)
Relief (B.T. Puppy 45-514 1965)

Why Can't You Give Me What I Want - The Cyrcle (1966)

Will You Care What's Happening To Me Baby - Bernadette Peters (1967)

For All That I Am - Soulful Bowlful (1967)

The Tokens
Grey City Day
Sunset See My Sadness
For All That I Am
Wonderful Things (Intercourse LP)

Canterbury Music Festival - Rain & Shine (1968 B.T. Puppy LP)
You're the Only Good for Me

 Amanda's Man - Amanda Ambrose (B.T. Puppy)

Last Ditch Protocol/John Velveteen - Elyse Weinberg(1968)

For All That I Am - The Creation (1968)

Brute Force - (Warner Brothers 45)
Adam and Evening/The Purpose of a Circus

Real Microphone Technique - Dorian (1970)

Reparata & the Delrons

Break Away - The Last Exit

I, Brute Force - Confections of Love (1967 LP)  Extemporanious - Brute Force (1969 LP)