The Grape

Once upon a time in a very old palace, in a very old but enchanted fruit basket, was a very old batch of grapes. The palace had been deserted for several years now and I have to admit it was a verrrry lonely place for those grapes. Even though they had the fruit, the fruit was on top of them and they weren't the kid of food you would want to meet.

One day one of the oldest grapes called to the apple on top of him,"Aaapple... aaapple" he said.

"What do you want, you little grape?" he asked.
"I want you to help me to get to the top of the basket so I can get out of here" said the grape.
"Well, all right" said the apple. "I'll help you up.....only if you promise to tell me what it's like up there before you leave."
"Okay" the grape answered, "I promise".

It took one whole hour of pulling and pushing to get the grape off his vine and on top of the apple. When he got to there he called to the big banana on top of him breathlessly, "Banana, Banana".

"Who called my name?" demanded the banana.
"Me" said the grape in a small squeaky voice, "the grape".
"What are you doing up here?" asked the banana in a demanding tone.
"I'm trying to get out of here" replied the grape, "and I need your help".
"Well, all right, I'll help you up to the top of the basket....if you tell me what is going on up there before you leave" said the banana.
"Okay" said the grape.
It seemed that almost everyone else the grape met said the same thing as the apple and the banana.

"What's happening to me?" cried the grape when he got to the top of the fruit basket.

"You're rotting, silly" replied the pineapple he was on top of.
The grape had already been rotting a bit, it was just too dark to see down inside the basket.

The grape stretched out his whole plump brown body. He stretched to the right. He stretched to the ...."Woo,woo, ahaaaa!" cried the grape as he fell down, down, down and then SPLAT! The grape lay flat on the white marble floor.

"What is it like out there?" yelled the apple
"What's going on up there?" demanded the banana.
"How's the weather?" asked the orange.
"Do you see any other pears out there?" questioned the pear.
"Be QUIET!" screamed the pineapple. "I can't hear what he's saying."


"What?" yelled the pineapple.
"I said" the grape began loudly, "I don't know. My face is stuck to the floor".
"Then pull it off," suggested the banana.
"Okay" replied the grape as he peeled himself away from the floor.

The grape looked up and saw...
he saw a big brown lump of mush flattened out on one side. On the flat side there were two bulging eyes and a horrified expression in the middle of its face.

"Yikes!" cried the grape.
He peeled the rest of his body away from the floor, got up, ran out the slightly open window, and no one ever saw him again.

not the end
...the beginning

About the author

My name is Angie. I live with my brother, my mom, my dad, and my cat named Pretzel. Oh yeah, we have some fish too...don't worry....Pretzel only ate one before we got the covered tank.

My favorite hobbies are ballet dancing, writing, using the computer and just having a great time with my best friends, Christina and Taryn.

The Prune Copyright 2001, Angie
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